Finding Time for Good Old Fashion Family Fun

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 4.43.01 PMThis is a tip for busy working moms.  I have five kids and its very hard when it takes you two hours to drive your kids to school every day.  Then on top of that if you have a full time Job which I do. Then to come home and cook for kids.  So I have been just letting them use electronics too much. How do you find time to keep your kids off video games?  They all seem to do this, well mine do anyway.Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 4.41.42 PM

Well I made a mandatory FAMILY FUN NIGHT.  This happens every friday for at least two hours.  We play old fashioned games that don’t include electronics, such as Mad Libs, and Charades. We order some take out  and eat in the living room. My Doctor told me with the large amounts of video games that these kids play and they usually play them indoor, that the don’t get the correct amount of vitamin D from the natural sunlight which can cause them to get depressed.  So I am trying to  little by little to think of other things to do.  Its hard to go outside now due to the large amounts of snow on the ground.  When Spring come’s we will have an outdoor agenda on Fridays.  For now this has been working great.

Moms who work From Home – I invite you to accept the challenge

Moms who work From Home - I invite you to accept the challenge – Moms who work from home Moms that work from home have my respect because I know what a challenge it can be Believe me it is all worth it because childhood… To apply for Pierce Eislen as a rent surveyor, click here…