Finding Time for Good Old Fashion Family Fun

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 4.43.01 PMThis is a tip for busy working moms.  I have five kids and its very hard when it takes you two hours to drive your kids to school every day.  Then on top of that if you have a full time Job which I do. Then to come home and cook for kids.  So I have been just letting them use electronics too much. How do you find time to keep your kids off video games?  They all seem to do this, well mine do anyway.Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 4.41.42 PM

Well I made a mandatory FAMILY FUN NIGHT.  This happens every friday for at least two hours.  We play old fashioned games that don’t include electronics, such as Mad Libs, and Charades. We order some take out  and eat in the living room. My Doctor told me with the large amounts of video games that these kids play and they usually play them indoor, that the don’t get the correct amount of vitamin D from the natural sunlight which can cause them to get depressed.  So I am trying to  little by little to think of other things to do.  Its hard to go outside now due to the large amounts of snow on the ground.  When Spring come’s we will have an outdoor agenda on Fridays.  For now this has been working great.

Government Daycare Help For Single Moms

There are many mothers out there that require facilitate with their children and child daycare is one in every of the most important things single mothers need help with. There are a lot of programs that supply facilitate to single mothers like facilitate with schooling and monetary troubles, but there are also programs that help the only mother with daycare for his or her children. Government daycare assistance for single moms is one thing each single mother should look at.

One in all the biggest problems for single mothers is trying to seek out safe and secure daycare or after college programs for their children. Most of the child day care programs that are offered have terribly long waiting lists. And there are no longer terribly many folks out there that will babysit for free. If you’re looking for presidency daycare help for single moms this can be a piece of writing for you.

The internet may be a great manner to search out out about programs that offer government daycare help for single mothers. Whereas there are several programs that have data on the web, the number one place folks should rummage around for single mother’s government assistance for daycare should be their work place.
Yes, it’s true the govt offers grants to firms that offer their workers with at work kid care choices and even financial help for offsite daycare programs. You might even be able to seek out information on government daycare assistance for single moms in your own employee handbook.

And it’s not simply for single women; anyone seeking help with childcare can qualify. Another nice place to seem for state daycare help for single moms is your native social services office. The social employees that work there will recognize that daycare programs provide deals to single mothers trying for government assistance for daycare, and might conjointly be able to assist that person apply for monetary aid. Financial aid programs can give the person or single mother cash to assist pay for daycare services. Single mother’s government help for daycare will additionally be found in churches. Churches will additionally qualify for presidency daycare help for single mothers if they provide daycare that’s cheap to those that extremely want it.

You can conjointly check up on your native area, state, and federal websites to search out government daycare assistance for single moms. There are plenty of programs that offer info online and you can even register online. Single mother’s government help for daycare is out there and will be found if you are looking.

Conjointly keep in mind you will not perpetually would like government daycare assistance for single moms because your kids can grow old and will be in college full time. At that point they will be part of in after faculty programs such as sports and recreational programs. Even though it might sadden some single mothers to work out their youngsters in college full time and in sports and cannot spend as abundant time with them they still feel the relief of being one mother seeking government help for daycare.

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Financial Budgeting For Single Moms

It is important to know how much you’re spending, and where. Simple cost cutting techniques can become a lifeline to more money- cutting coupons, driving the extra mile to a grocery store you know has better deals, comparing prices before you shop. Many large companies give away samples or trials of their products completely free. But remember to keep track.

First, write out a list of all your monthly expenses. Don’t forget to include those necessities that don’t come to you each month in a paper envelope, like gas and groceries. Include due dates for bills if you have them. Go through past expenses or view your past bank account statements to get a rough estimate of how much you have been spending on the things you need to get by, and the things that you really didn’t need. Pay close attention to see what you can cut out of your expenses like eating out at restaurants, and especially fast food businesses. If it is easier, just do the current month first. This will help you plan out finances for future months.

Figure in the dates that you get paid, and how much. Include child support if you receive it or any alimony. Some even like to include a list of their assets and how much they are worth, just in case they need to use them. This should be done separately, though. Subtract to see if you have anything left over and put that money in a separate account that you don’t have easy access to use, such as with a debit card or if there is a nearby withdrawal location. You will need this in case of an emergency or if you come up short. If you do not have anything left over, you now know in advance that you need to do a little something extra to make your finances budget out. For single moms, financial budgeting can significantly help reduce the stress of money by letting them know ahead of time how all of their expenses are going to play out. The financial budget can let you know if you need to pick up side work or ask around to see if anyone needs additional help. If you come up too short, consider getting a second job; something very common in the current economy, but understandably harder for single moms who don’t want to miss out on seeing their children grow.

Don’t forget that you have resources, and you are not alone. There were nearly ten million single mothers living in America in 2004. Many single moms do not have the option of leaving their children with close family or relatives, and many simply do not trust to leave their child with individuals or sometimes even daycares. The rates of a nice daycare can accrue to be more than one month in rent. Check your local government agencies for financial help for single moms to see if discounted child care is offered and if you qualify. See if any assistance can be offered regarding your groceries, lowered rent, or utilities.

Aside from governmental agencies, it is important to work with your providers. Electric and water companies sometimes offer discounted rates if you meet a certain income. It is important for single mother’s who are coming up short on bills to not become too overwhelmed and stressed about finances, and to instead reach out to their communities for support and information.

The financial adviser offers financial help for single moms by addressing the source of stress regarding money and how to get rid of that stress – by creating and following a plan.

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